Are you longing for something new?

Are you longing for something new?

We all sometimes feel like changing up everything around us. But with the Hooks concept, you can make a big difference with little effort

Sometimes we feel like moving everything around, starting a new big project, or installing a new kitchen. The longing for a fresh feeling in your home can be haunting, but the help is near. The fact is that you don’t need to change everything to achieve the sense of an entirely different space: Little changes here and there will make a big difference. A favourite trick of ours is hooks. If you change the knobs of your kitchen cabinets or dresser, it can change more than you think, just as a little row of hooks in different sizes or materials in the hallway will add that certain something, we all long for sometimes.


The series are made of semi-precious stones combined with the evergreen brass and forms a jewellery-inspired element in a room. Just like a necklace or the right earrings may change the entire look of your favourite outfit, these hooks in your favourite stone will turn everything around.