Collect a Light – Collect an Atmosphere

Collect a Light – Collect an Atmosphere

Set the right mood in your home by creating the perfect lamp. The Collect Lighting series offers endless combinations; from the small bedside light to a large lamp above the dinner table

When decorating a room, we usually start with the larger things – sofa, table, bookcases. Often, lighting is first added when everything else is done. But lighting is one of the most powerful ways of creating a setting and the right mood in your home. How a lamp should look depends on the function. Is it for a small reading nook, or for the large dinner table, which you want bright and clear?


We have created a lighting concept which is perfect for all moods, looks, and sizes. From the large Dome Shade to the Socket Pendant used on its own with a beautiful lightbulb. With seemingly endless combinations, our Collect Lighting Series lets you be the designer of your new lamp. The light creates the atmosphere – you create the light!  Simply choose your favourite lampshade, colour, and socket pendant. 


Create your new light with the Collect Lighting customiser