ferm LIVING x Agern: Butternut Squash Recipe

ferm LIVING x Agern: Butternut Squash Recipe

Restaurant Agern in New York, has shared with us the recipe for one of their signature dishes "Butternut Squash with Coriander and Sea Buckthorn"

Butternut Squash
12 slices of Butternut Squash
15 gr butter.
Salt to season.

Cut Butternut squash into 1,5 cm thick and 6 cm diameter circles.
Roast on a pan until nice and golden. Finish in an oven at 360°F until tender. Season with salt.

Butternut Squash puree
200 gr Butternut Squash (off cuts from the slices).
200 gr milk.
200 gr cream.
50 gr butter.
Salt to season.
Lemon juice to season.

Chop the squash into small bites and cook in the milk/cream until tender. Strain and let stand for about 5 minutes in the strainer so most of the humidity evaporated. In the meantime, reduce the cream until nice and thick. Put in a blender and mix with the butter and some of the milk/cream until smooth. Season with salt and lemon juice.

Raw Butternut Squash
1 good peace of squash.
Apple cider vinegar to season.
Grapeseed oil
Salt to season.

Cut the squash into 10cm diameter circle. Then slice it very thinly on a meat slicer or mandolin. Season with some apple cider vinegar, salt and oil.


Coriander seeds
10 gr coriander.
On a pan toast the seeds and then leave to cool.
When cold powder them in a spice grinder.

Coriander salad
50 gr micro coriander.
Salt to season.
Apple cider vinegar to season.
Grapeseed oil to season.
Season the micro coriander and use to garnish.

Nordic pesto
1 bundle parsley finely chopped.
50 gr havgus grated.
50 hazelnuts toasted and finely chopped.
1 shallot finely chopped.
1 clove garlic minced.
Lemon zest to season.
Green garlic oil to season (see black bass recipe).
Salt to season.

Blend everything together and season nicely. Make sure that it should be thick so don’t add to much green garlic oil.

Honey sea buckthorn sauce
100 gr sea buckthorn berries.
100 gr honey.
50 gr water.
1 sprig rosemary.
50 gr butter.
Salt to season.
Lemon juice to season.
Rye bonji to season.

Strain all the juice from the berries and pour the juice in a little pot.
Reduce it 70% and then add the honey, water and rosemary.
Reduce until nice and thick. Add butter and season.

For plating
Spoon the Nordic pesto on top of the roasted butternut squash and the cover it with the raw disc. Add the coriander salad on top and then put the whole thing on the plate 2 per plate.
Add 2 spoons of puree and sprinkle the whole thing with the coriander powder. Finally, neatly add the sauce.