ferm LIVING x Danish Red Cross

ferm LIVING supports the Red Cross

We have designed the high-quality Enfold Blanket to support the Danish Red Cross in their work helping vulnerable families get through the winter. With every sold Enfold blanket, the Danish Red Cross can hand out two in exposed parts of the world.

While we prepare for dark winter nights, stocking up on candles, tea and cuddly, warm blankets, people in exposed areas of the world are waiting for the cold to strike while lacking shelter, winter clothes, and heating. Here, we saw an opportunity to help out and share what we have, and so this winter, we decided to support the Danish Red Cross with the new Enfold Blanket made of 100 % quality wool and in a lovely blue mélange weave. ferm LIVING’s proceeds from the sales of this exclusive blanket are donated to the Danish Red Cross in full who is then able to provide aid and care in parts of the world where living conditions are much harsher than what we are used to. The donation of a single blanket may be used to hand out two blankets to displaced families, who live in the streets, makeshift shelters, or primitive tent camps.


“I am very proud that we are able to support a great cause by doing what we love, and I can only hope that as many people as possible will join our cause and help ease the conditions under which so many families suffer. It is heart-breaking for all of us with warm and save homes to see families who do not have the same. I know that with this campaign, we won’t save everyone but in every helping hand lies the potential of improving the situation for many. If we all do something, it will make a big difference,” Trine Andersen says, founder and creative director of ferm LIVING.


We have decided to let the professionals with long experience in providing effective emergency aid choose how the money is spent. Therefore, the money is donated to the general funds of Red Cross. The donation allows them to act if disaster strikes but also supports their preventive and development efforts.

“We need all the help we can get, and we are very pleased that ferm LIVING chose to help us in our yearly fight against the cold weather. With this donation, we can, for instance, provide better and more help during winter in Syria and the neighbouring regions. The help could be a blanket to a freezing child, life-saving medicine, or shelter for an entire family in the piercing cold,” Louise Holk, Corporate Fundraising Manager of the Danish Red Cross says.