Salon Scenes

Salon Scenes

Travel back to the decadent French salons with the new Salon Cushions with eclectic fashion fabrics

The splendours of past times, the atmosphere of French salons with decadence hanging in the air, and eclectic fashion textiles meet in one of the season’s highlights: The Salon Cushions.

By using delectable fashion fabrics, we discovered that certain je ne sais quoi after which we sometimes find ourselves longing. With a bouquet of sumptuous textiles, the Salon Cushions will give you the chance to indulge in a glamorous scene and invite a luxurious splash of colour into your home.

The series of the Salon cushions is as variegated as the pillows themselves. Available in two sizes, and in various patterns and textile combinations they Salon cushions balance just the right over-the-top feeling. In both sizes, there is a pleated version in two different colours with the same fabric front and back, whereas the six other versions have a unique pattern on the front and soft velour on the back.

The Salon cushion match other, subtle cushions perfectly such as our Quilt Cushions, available in many various colours and sizes.

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