The Scene Is Set

The Scene Is Set

The look and feel of THE HOME change from time to time; explore the new design of the space where we throw parties, refuel, and get new ideas

A home is a feeling and a space to feel comfortably you. The nice high-quality sofa with the perfect pillow is not what makes a home. And you’re not a single thing or a page in a catalogue; you’re a collage of everything you’ve ever experienced and everywhere you ever went. Your home is the mirror of you. And so is THE HOME a mirror of who we are as a brand. While being a showroom and a place to display our new designs, it’s also an invitation into our universe of authentic and balanced living. THE HOME is a space to find calm as well as new energy; a space for serenity and parties. A space of balance reflecting that of life.

The look and feel of THE HOME change from time to time, always making sure to preserve the feeling of entering an actual home where people live. Each new styling is a different story, of a specific time and atmosphere of a family’s life.




In the new styling, the scene is set for a great evening; you’ve been making sure everything is ready for a night in great company, and you’re just making the final adjustments when: Doorbell! The guests are early, but you haven’t set the table, and you’re still not in your favourite outfit. Life’s not perfect. But of course, you welcome your guests. Behind the scenes is where we find real beauty. Life is beautiful but can be a little rough around the edges. It’s the mix of the shiny new things and treasures found on flea markets; the expectations of a lovely evening expressed in the pile of plates waiting on the dinner table, your favourite dress waiting on the dresser and festivity in the air. In the bathroom, the host is getting ready for the party, while delicious aromas spread from the kitchen where dinner is nearly done.

Welcome home.